Band The Human Voice (NOR)
Album Title Exit lines
Catalogue # Voi077
Release date July 2008
Format cd
Packaging Digisleeve
Tracks 8
Running time 52'07''
File under Dark ambient / post rock

Description NORTHAUNT mastermind Harleif Langas gives voice to a less dark and oppressive journey with "Exit lines", and explores the thin boundary between ambient (not necessarily dark....) music and spacious post-rock. Deep drones and sparse melodic guitar lines, "skeletal" structures and subtle noises. Appealing to both the Constellation-freaks and the courageous (and open minded) dark ambient travellers. Digisleeve.
Track-list Is this a palace or a prison ? / A kiss at the peak of youth / Night, stars, dreams, death / Det skjer ditt ansikt vendes mot morket / Stillheten vokser / Tape hiz / Mausoleum / The ghost of our love

Samples Is this a palace or a prison ? (5,7 MB)
Det skjer ditt ansikt vendes mot morket.mp3 (6,2 MB)