Band Fire In The Head (USA)
Album Title Meditate / mutilate
Catalogue # Fir063
Release date June 2006
Format cd
Packaging Digisleeve
Tracks 10
Running time 44'23''
File under Power noise

Description The straightjacket has been removed, the medication has worn off and the delusions have intensified. F/I/T/H has returned to spread the poison with "Meditate/Mutilate", a schizophrenic and volatile mix of seething, harsh electronics, dark ambience and tortured vocals. From the blackest depths of neurosis to the apex of unrestrained psychosis, the ten tracks on this cd hone F/I/T/H's dual-edged blade to perfection. The assault has just begun. There's a world out there. Prepare to bleed.
Track-list Darkest before dawn / True believer / Learning how / Kriegskunst / Complete the obsession / And still they come / Psychotic underground / Within and without / Diluted / Meditate - mutilate

Samples True believer (6,3 MB)
Complete the obsession (6,1 MB)