Band Devar (NOR)
Album Title Alternate Endings
Catalogue # Dev078 - Cod047
Release date September 2009 2006
Format cd
Packaging Clear-trayed jewel box
Tracks 10
Running time 49'10''
File under Black'n'Roll

Description Post-black-metal-meets-rock-meets-Danzig.
Norwegian Devar show courage and talent, taking the nearly-dying music market by surprise with a musical hybrid that's hard to frame, where the rock of the 70s goes arm in arm with Norwegian black metal, bearing unexpected results: tired of the duplicate bands that can be found everywhere?
Track-list The Siren / H.m.h. / Cold Slither / Shadow Feline / Scourger / Black 6 / The Dirge / ... Of My Dead Skull / Watch Them Fly / In Sanity

Samples H.m.h. (5,9 MB)
The dirge (9,5 MB)