Band Caul (USA)
Album Title A golden epiphany 3xcds
Catalogue # Cau040 I,II,III
Release date February 2003
Format triple cd
Packaging Foldable oversize digisleeve + 3 inner sleeves
Tracks 29
Running time 180+
File under Dark ambient

Description Throughout the years, CAUL / Brett Smith has built his reputation as one of the most impressive dark ambient acts of the world. You can finally taste the early days of this genious musician and experience his outworldly skills. Over 180 minutes of the deepest, darkest and densest ambient you've ever heard. Trust me, and you won't be disappointed.
Track-list Epiphany/Fortunate: 16 untitled tx /// Whole: 1 untitled tk /// The golden section: 12 untitled tx

Samples III (from "Epiphany/fortunate") (3,8 MB)
XII (from "Epiphany/fortunate") (5,3 MB)
V (from "The golden section") (4,8 MB)
VIII (from "The golden section") (4,3 MB)

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