Band Canaan
Album Title Walk into my open womb
Catalogue # Can010
Release date March 2003 (originally released in September 1998)
Format 2xcd
Packaging Clear-trayed jewel box
Tracks 18
Running time 93'
File under Dark

Description Originally released in 1998, and since then already repressed a few times, "Wimow" was CANAAN's second album, and contains some of the most significant tracks composed by the band. Taste the early days of the masters of deception..... This last repressing (in a limited edition of 500 copies) comes with new graphics.
Track-list The Kanaanian Dawn, Surrounded, A magic farewell, The glass shield, The pride of perdition, Aurora consurgens, Walk into my open womb, Scent of anguish, Remembrance, Codex void, Left, Heaven, The rite of humiliation, Roomaskin, The Orion conspiracy, A song for pain, A new beginning, Angel nail

Samples The kanaanian dawn (5,4 MB)
A magic farewell (4,7 MB)
Codex void (5,4 MB)
The orion conspiracy (5,7 MB)