Band A Crown of Light (USA)
Album Title The clearing
Catalogue # Acr064
Release date August 2006
Format cd
Packaging White-trayed jewel box
Tracks 10
Running time 62'07''
File under Concrete / noise / dark ambient

Description ..... This is her turned to stone on the shore ..... There are strange creatures out there. ..... This is her crown of light now shattered ..... Espin is one of them. A CROWN OF LIGHT (A Crown of Amaranth + Conversations About the Light) tells us his story of pain, solitude and abandonment through a complex mixture of different sound sources. ..... Blood and fire and I will grow ..... Dark ambient, concrete music, noise, hidden melodies. Espin's world is complex, and so is its soundtrack.
Track-list Power outage tapestries / Police reports and market summaries / Overblown breakfast magic / In the machine shop / Nails, trimmed and clean / House of birds / The sound of one million lives ending / Swallow thoughts whole / Crystal sparrow / Epilogue

Samples Nails trimmed and clean (9,7 MB)
Swallow thoughts whole (11,5 MB)